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What We’re Playing – April 2021

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Just started with Control last week. I avoided this game until I got my PC fixed, which ended up being a bad call in hindsight.

But in foresight, it ended up working out when Sony announced it as part of PS Plus. I’m a big fan of PS Plus, having gotten into several games like Resi 7 and Days Gone because of it. I am not paid by Sony.

Anyway, Control hasn’t exactly clicked for me yet, but as I’ve learned through Horizon: Zero Dawn, sometimes it takes a bit. Particularly when the opening of things can be dull, over-expository, or just plain bad. This game, for me, falls into the second category. Why is she constantly talking to herself? Why not just let the player figure out what’s going on as they go?

Other than that, I like the Alex Garland-esque mood and sound design, as well as the weirdness.

Haven’t come up with a pairing yet, although with such a well made game as this, some kind of too-pricy-to-be-reasonable kind of red wine might make sense.

PSsst… Hey Sony, PS Plus is a great thing to have in your arsenal.