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Pairings: Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5 has an interesting legacy behind it. Somehow the series has endured despite multiple set backs, which everyone _usually_ attributes to the moody, Christopher Nolan meets My Chemical Romance 2013 reboot. Though many fans forget that this already happened with Devil May Cry 2, which was a bit more like Christopher Nolan meets Steven Seagal, but still too moody and self-important for its own sake.

So when DMC 5 returned the series to its wry, over-the-top stylish core, the game was critically well-received and earned positive sales numbers.

I admit I skipped DMC 2 all the way through the DMC reboot, and picked up a copy of this mainly because of my fond memories of playing DMC 1 late into the night (which is something I went back and revisited recently and much of it does. not. hold. up.). I was overjoyed with the improvements to the gameplay, the updated photo-realistic character models, but also the surprisingly emotional climax and deep mystery to the plot.

As far as a drink pairing goes, what drink could live up to the intense, over-the-top and aged quality of the series?

For this one, I decided to go with an Imperial Porter.

Why an Imperial Porter? Well, other than the fact that anything labeled Imperial typically denotes a heavier, higher ABV and overall darker beer, its quality comes from its challenge. A typical Russian Imperial Porter is not for the faint of heart, and neither is a game like DMC 5 with its complex battle system and opening level where the whole point is to lose against an overwhelming enemy.

I mean c’mon, doesn’t this guy just give you Russian Imperial Stout vibes?

DMC 5 is a challenging time, full of gross creatures, stylish action, and a story that invites you to figure out more. All aspects that any Imperial Porter/Stout is about as well. Probably.

I personally chose an Imperial Porter over an Imperial Stout since most of the game takes place in a city inspired by London. But you could also do a regular Stout/Porter if that’s your fancy. Remember to drink responsibly and don’t be be hungover for whatever you need to do tomorrow.

Some of my personal recommendations: